Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogging from A to Z

Good morning everyone!
I know it's been a while. Life had a nasty habit of getting in the way of me doing my little hobbies like drawing, painting and blogging. Oh well. Anyway. Back in April of last year (2013 to you future people) I took part in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. In 2013 my subject was Otis. In 2014 my subject will be a faces and emotion study in graphite.

But I need help!

I need models. I would ask for my friends and followers take pictures of themselves performing one of the emotions or words in the list below. You can message me here the pictures or on Facebook at 

A: Anger
B: Big eyed
C: Crying
D: Dreamy
E: Eager
F: Fear
G: Grim
H: Happy
I: Insanity
J: Jittery
K: Knocked out
L: Logical
M: Mischievous
N: Noisy
O: Ogreish
P: Petulant
Q: Quiet
R: Royal
S: Snarling / Savage
T: Terrified
U: Up
V: Vexed
W: Wicked
Y: Yawning
Z: Zombie