Saturday, April 20, 2013

Roach Coach

Typically the term "Roach Coach" refers to those old beat up food trucks. Not these new fancy food trucks that are practically gourmet, but those dirty looking vans that boast the best authentic Mexican food but are run by a Chinese immigrant and his wife. The kind that usually have a roach trap visible on the prep area and the guy has been using the same dirty rag to wipe down his counter since the '80s. 

That is typically. We can't do typical around here, of course. We have to make it Otis style. This piece was suggested by wife.  I was planning to do a piece with Otis driving the coach and it being pulled by a giant roach. My wife thought it would be funnier to make Otis straining, pulling the coach himself. 

I tried a couple new things with this piece. The major difference I tried was switching from Bristol card paper to Watercolor paper. I wanted to try the watercolor paper for a couple reasons. Mostly I thought the paper would hold the color better. Which it did. Unfortunately it also made it more difficult to blend the colors.  While I do like the vibrancy of the colors I'm not sure what I feel about the trade off in blending.

The second thing I tried different was adding the use of the Colorless Blender Marker. If you don't know what this marker is, it is a clear marker that helps blend two colors or smooth the lines. 

Those things coupled with getting used to wearing glasses that I just prescribed made for a piece that I really think could be better. Just need to work on it and figure out which techniques work on what surface. Any artists out there have some suggestions? 


See you guys next time!

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