Thursday, April 11, 2013

Knight In Shining Armor

I am very pleased with this piece. I was stuck on K and couldn't think of anything I liked. Once I finally settled on Knight in Shining Armor I racked my brain on what the piece should entail. My first idea was just to have Otis standing in a suit of armor, a sunburst glinting off the helmet, obscuring his face. meh, too bland. Next I wanted to have Otis on a horse, the horse armored, maybe galloping. Oh, and with the princess on the back. That would be great, and to make it funny, her hair and dress would be on fire because Otis didn't defeat the dragon! Awesome! Waaaay too much.
In the process of looking up some reference images for how to draw that horse, one popped out at me. It was a cartoon of a fat kid on a rocking horse. That settled it for me. The image of Otis, decked out in shining armor and shield, brandishing a sword, all while riding an over-sized novelty rocking horse! YES!!!

Oh and the coat of arms on Otis' shield belongs to Clan Henderson, my family. 
"Sola Virtus Nobilitat"

8" x 10" Prismacolor marker on white card paper


See you guys next time!

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