Thursday, January 17, 2013


Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson
Meet Otis. Otis is a character I created sometime last year while in a very productive and artistic period.

Otis is a special guy. He is a bit of an adventurer and a bit of a nerd. As such he likes to dress up as his favorite characters from movies and books from time to time. 

Here he is as some of The Avengers from Marvel Comics!
Otis Rogers: Captain America
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson
Otis Stark: Iron Man
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson
Otis: God of Thunder
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson
Otis Banner: The Hulk
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson

He is a fanboy. What can you say?
Otis Potter
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson

Otis Skywalker
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson

Doctor Otis Octavius
Copyright © 2013 Kyle Henderson 
This blog will serve as a place for me to post the most recent addition to Otis' wardrobe as well as other art work that I complete. There will be plenty. So stay tuned!

If you would like to purchase a painting or a print of Otis, please message me here or through my Etsy store, Umbrata, and let me know which Otis you would like, the size and the medium (print or painting). All paintings will be done by hand after you order, so please allow for a couple days before shipping. Prices will vary depending on size and medium.

Well, that is Otis. I hope you enjoyed his costumes. Please feel free to suggest new costumes and scenarios for Otis to enjoy!

Thank you


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