Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogging from A to Z

Good morning everyone!
I know it's been a while. Life had a nasty habit of getting in the way of me doing my little hobbies like drawing, painting and blogging. Oh well. Anyway. Back in April of last year (2013 to you future people) I took part in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. In 2013 my subject was Otis. In 2014 my subject will be a faces and emotion study in graphite.

But I need help!

I need models. I would ask for my friends and followers take pictures of themselves performing one of the emotions or words in the list below. You can message me here the pictures or on Facebook at 

A: Anger
B: Big eyed
C: Crying
D: Dreamy
E: Eager
F: Fear
G: Grim
H: Happy
I: Insanity
J: Jittery
K: Knocked out
L: Logical
M: Mischievous
N: Noisy
O: Ogreish
P: Petulant
Q: Quiet
R: Royal
S: Snarling / Savage
T: Terrified
U: Up
V: Vexed
W: Wicked
Y: Yawning
Z: Zombie

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Otto and Victoria Fan Art

Hey there folks,

Its been a while since I posted, so I wanted to get back on here and post some of the stuff I have been working on recently. Not too long ago I picked up a brush and started painting with watercolors. Here are a couple pieces I did for artist Brian Kesinger's Fan Art contest he is having on his DeviantART page. If you haven't heard of him, check him out. His work is amazing!

Both pieces shown here are 9" x 12" Watercolor with Sepia Tone liner on Watercolor Paper 

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Two more posts to go. Almost there! This post ties in with the first of the A to Z Posts, Anatomically Correct. 

7" x 11" Prismcolor marker on white card stock


See you guys next time!

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly 
Getting close to the end of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

7" x 11" Prismacolor on white card stock


Friday, April 26, 2013


Otis has fallen on hard times and has resorted to the life of a homeless vagabond.

7" x 11" Prismacolor marker on white card stock


See you guys next time!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upsetting the Apple Cart

Clumsy Otis has upset the apple cart. 

7" x 11" Prismacolor marker on white card stock


See you guys next time!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That's All Folks!

No, I don't mean I am ending the blog! That's All Folks! was the catch line at the end of Looney Toons Films. The phrase was initially uttered as "So Long, Folks!" by the character Bosko.  Eventually the phrase took on the most famous version of the catchphrase "That's All, Folks!"

While this catchphrase was spoken by many characters over the years, the most recognizable and most well remembered version was by Mel Blanc as Porky Pig.  Porky would stutter the beginning of the phrase, turning it into "Th-th-th-that's All Folks!"

This piece was done on the card stock re-enforcer for a comic book.

7" x 11" Prismacolor marker on card stock


See you guys next time!

Looney Toons, Porky Pig and all others are property of their respective owners. Otis is property of Kyle Henderson 2013